Pseudo Bone Layer

Select Armature Object


Pseudo Bone Layer is a Throwaway Layer System made just for temporary Bone Management to Group Bones together for Editing Purpose

This is not meant to be use as a Final Bone Layer System

The Pseudo Bone Layer Stores Bone Name in it’s layer and allow you to do different operation easily

Main Operator

Assign: Assign Bone to the Active Layer, Create one if there are no layers

Unassign: Unassign Bone from the Active Layer


Layer Icons:
  • Keyframe (Pose Mode Only): Keyframe the bone in Layer

  • Visibility: Toogle Hide / Unhide of the bone in the layer (Similar to pressing H to Hide)

  • Select: Toogle Select / Des, Create one if there are no layerselect of the bone in the layer

  • Deform: Set the Deform State of the Bone in the Layer

  • Remove: Remove Layer

You Can Enable or Disable the Icons in Icon Expose

Bone List

A Listbox that Shows the Bone Name Saved in the Active Layer, you can add or remove bone name manually



  • Visibility: Visibility of the Bone

  • Select: Select State of the Bone

  • Deform: Deform Property for the Bone

  • Reserve: Prevent this Bone Name to be removed from “Clear Missing Bone” if the bone is missing

  • Rename: Rename the Bone

  • Remove: Remove the Bone Name from the Layer

Missing Bone


Missing Bone: If there are missing bone, It will look like this, You can change the bone for the slot or Edit the name

Bone List Operator

  • Add By Name: Add a Bone Name to the Layer, Regardless if the bone exist or not. (Reserved will be on)

  • Clear Missing Bone: Remove Missing Bone that are not reserved from the layer

  • Batch Rename: Batch Rename the Bone in the Layer


Note: Because it saves bone name only, if you rename your bone then the bone is no longer affected by the layer