Bone UI Slider Generator

Select Armature Object


Bone UI Slider Generator is a listbox that list out a list of name that wanted to be use to create a bunch of “Blank Slider Bones”


Generate Blank Slider

Edit Armature

This Operator Generate Blank Slider (No Driver) Base on the Name in the List


Layout Settings


Layout Settings:

Set the Layout setting to use Max Column or Max Row

  • Max Column

  • Max Row

Max Column / Max Row:

Max Column or Row before going to the next Row or Column

Layout Offset:

Offset Distance between the Sliders

  • Vertical: Vertical Distance

  • Horizontal: Horizontal Distance

Limit Options


Limit Constraints: Add Limit Constraint to the Driver Bone

Lock Transform: Lock the relevant Transform channel

Limit Min: Set the Minimum limit for the constraints

Limit Max: Set the Maximum limit for the constraints

Map Value to Min Max: Map the Value of the driven property from 0 - 1 to Minimum Limit and Maximum Limit

UI Settings

Label Bone:

Generate the Label Bone with it’s bone shape text object

Label Offset: Offset Amount of Label Bone From Slider Bone

Slider Bar:

Generate Slider Bar with Bone Shape

Slider Bar Thickness: Thickness of Slider Bar

Slider Shape: Generate Slider Bone Shape for Driver Bone


Driver Bone, Label Name Bone and Slider Bone will be generated with this. The Label will use the Property Name as Label, You can Edit the Bone Shape Label as a text object